The quality of the dishes, the size and temperature of the portions, the food schedule were assessed

This was the beginning of several scientific projects on the phenology of new varieties of valuable agricultural plants, which high school students will be engaged in.

The RAS professor noted the high level of the boarding school’s instrumentation and the significant potential of the laboratory, organized at the most modern scientific research level.

On November 18, Ekaterina Zhuravleva gave a lecture on the topic “Modern trends in the development of agrobiology” at another basic school of the Russian Academy of Sciences – school number 20 in Stary Oskol, Belgorod region. The event covered topics such as city farming, agrobiology, breeding. After the theoretical part, a master class was held on creating bags from sheets of ordinary paper for storing seeds of various plants. At the end of the event, the guys were able to ask questions of interest to them on the developing areas of agrobiology.

In the last week of November in the Tambov region, where four basic schools of the Russian Academy of Sciences operate, lectures by the professors of the Russian Academy of Sciences were held in the format of videoconferences. Schoolchildren were told about modern discoveries and achievements of Russian science, the most pressing research topics, interesting facts and forecasts for the future. In particular, Andrei Turlapov delivered a lecture on the topic “The lowest temperature in the country – it is colder in a laboratory facility than in Antarctica and in space”, Mikhail Rykhtik’s lecture was dedicated to global peace, and Yulia Baimova made a presentation on the topic “Graphene is the material of the future “. RAS Professor Alexander Lutovinov spoke about how the Universe created elements.

On November 26, with great success, the online lectures of Professor Andrei Naumov for the basic schools of the Russian Academy of Sciences – MAOU OC “Gornostay” and MAOU “Second Gymnasium” in Novosibirsk, MBOU “Lyceum at TPU in Tomsk” – on the topic “What is nanoscopy, or how to see a single molecule “.

On November 27, Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Prosekov introduced the students of basic schools of the Russian Academy of Sciences to Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk and Mezhdurechensk with the problems of global food security.

Meetings of RAS professors with high school students were also held in the basic schools of the RAS in Sarov, Ufa, Obninsk, Yekaterinburg, Sochi, Sterlitamak, Krasnoyarsk, Krasnodar and other cities.

Students and teachers highly appreciate the events held and express their gratitude to the Russian Academy of Sciences for the opportunity of a direct dialogue with renowned scientists of our country.

The project “Basic Schools of the Russian Academy of Sciences” is being implemented by the Russian Academy of Sciences in accordance with the instruction of the President of the Russian Federation dated December 28, 2018 No. Pr-2543 together with the interested federal executive bodies and executive bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

Students of the RAS basic schools get additional opportunities to master modern methods of scientific research; evaluate and calculate the reliability, reproducibility and significance of the results obtained; independently obtain new scientific knowledge, put forward and verify hypotheses; to conduct prospecting work, solving problems without a known result; work in school scientific communities under the guidance of renowned scientists.

“How a school can become a factory of bright events” – an online webinar under this title was held on the site of the official community of the Ministry of Education of Russia in the social network “VKontakte”. The event was organized by the electronic journal “Education Bulletin” of the Ministry of Education of Russia. The team of the “Coryphaeus” gymnasium of the city of Yekaterinburg shared their best practices on how to make school events a full-fledged segment of education and upbringing. 

The experience of the Coryphaeus gymnasium was presented by Maria Kaluzhskaya, deputy director for design and innovation activities, Irina Akhatova, teacher-organizer, community manager, and Ekaterina Gorbunova, a 10th grade student, chairman of the Gymnasium Council.

Maria Kaluzhskaya noted that over its almost 30-year history, the Coryphaeus gymnasium has implemented dozens of large-scale projects in the status of a federal innovation platform and a federal center for advanced training. Here, preparing and holding holidays is part of the educational trajectory of students.

“We have made the organization of school events a full-fledged segment of the educational program. Knowledge and appreciation are certainly important, but children need to be emotionally discharged and relaxed somewhere. And it’s better if they do it in a safe environment – at school. In our opinion, one should hero essay example not treat the holidays with condescension. School events can be an excellent help in educational work, ”said Maria Kaluzhskaya.

In the “Coryphaeus” gymnasium, each academic year has its own theme. The concept of holidays and educational events is built for it, a logo and printed materials are made, and the school space is designed.  

“Any holiday must exceed expectations. The school, in addition to providing knowledge, should delight its community with surprises! Emotions are an important part of life, especially at school. Therefore, we strive to ensure that our school students and teachers do not leave the feeling of a holiday. He is inside everyone. That is why it is so important not to reduce the level of creativity in the preparation of school events, ”said Maria Kaluzhskaya.  

The deputy director of the “Coryphaeus” gymnasium also emphasized that participation in school holidays is an excellent opportunity to show their abilities both to those who study and to those who teach and work at school. 

“We understand that not everyone will become mathematicians, businessmen and philologists. Now a significant percentage of graduates want to connect their lives with show business, the media sphere, acting, producing, charity. And where can you learn this if not at school? Preparing the holidays for many of our students is the first serious pre-professional preparation. That is, this is their step into the profession, “- said Maria Kaluzhskaya.

Irina Akhatova, a teacher-organizer of the Coryphaeus gymnasium, spoke about the nuances of organizing school celebrations. The most important thing, she said, is not to be afraid of experimentation and mistakes. It is important to look at difficulties through the lens of opportunities, not obstacles. Then successful solutions will certainly appear. 

“For example, on Lyceum Student’s Day, the school usually held master classes, all kinds of meetings with parents and alumni. This year we brought the same thing online. But they did it not in Zoom, but in the form of live broadcasts on YouTube. And it turned out great. We have prepared three tracks, generated three links for different audiences – students, parents and teachers. On this day, the children gained knowledge about how to realize themselves after school, how to choose a profession, what to do if something went wrong, ”said Irina Akhatova.

In her opinion, the secret of any celebration is to create a special microclimate. 

“The main thing is to make the holiday with love and care for the audience. Then this event will become a development resource for the entire team, ”the organizer-teacher noted.

Yekaterina Gorbunova, a 10th grade student, chairman of the “Coryphaeus” school board, spoke about the organization of the upcoming New Year celebrations. The school staff will not give up traditional activities – a festival of New Year’s performances and a competition for the best decoration of the class. But given the current epidemiological situation, these events will take place a little differently. 

“We are giving the usual content a new form. The plans are to hold a week of live broadcasts for teachers, students and parents at the end of December, and instead of a traditional performance, create a film. We will shoot him in separate scenes to minimize contact. This situation has brought us together even more. We have become more flexible and resourceful. It is important to stay positive, not despair and look for opportunities, and not complain about obstacles. This is a rewarding experience, ”Ekaterina is sure.

Summing up the results of the online webinar, Maria Kaluzhskaya recalled that any holiday is a chance to unleash the potential of students and teachers.

“In reality, where communication has become extremely small, when the world has narrowed to a black laptop screen, it is important not to let the student close from society. He needs to be helped to become social in a different environment. From the very beginning, we set ourselves the task of preserving the spirit of our gymnasium, its way of life, not losing our community and even in this difficult period to find resources that will help to reach everyone, ”concluded Maria Kaluzhskaya.

More information about the Coryphaeus gymnasium in Yekaterinburg can be found on the official website

An unusual rating was made by activists of the Russian movement of schoolchildren. They identified the regions with the tastiest school meals. More than two thousand schoolchildren kept a weekly “observation diary”. The quality of the dishes, the size and temperature of the portions, and the meal schedule were evaluated.

The list of regions with the best nutrition is headed by the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, followed by the Saratov Region and the Nenets Autonomous District, followed by the Amur and Kaluga Regions, the Republic of Karelia, Orenburg, Kurgan Regions, Crimea and Primorsky Territory.