Pawn shop in Copenhagen & Aarhus.How to obtain a pawn loan

What type of products may be pawned?

PANTSAT.Dk is Denmark’s pawn shop that is leading. One reason why if you are the key player, is the fact that we accept the range that is widest of things.

As general tips they simply simply take any such thing of significant value. The principles that are following be used to determine whether a product may be pawned at PANTSAT.DK:

  • it should be feasible to look for the value of the product
  • The product ought not to lose all its value in the long run
  • The product may be offered
  • GUIDELINE: it is possible for PANTSAT.DK to pawn it if you can find similar items as your own item being sold online.

    In instant payday loans New Jersey practical terms, this has to be feasible to find out just exactly what the item may be worth, so looking online for comparable items is really a start that is good. Likewise, the item has to represent value to get more individuals than simply you because the owner – e.g. it is not feasible to make the love value under consideration as that is only for the initial owner. This will be including the situation for inherited precious jewelry, which for the person has tremendous value but if it’s offered to a different individual, it can perhaps not express that same value. Due to the fact loan is provided because of the product as protection, the cornerstone associated with the valuation is really what maybe it’s sold for up to a brand new individual, because it is in line with the situation if you don’t repurchase the product.

    Credit rating and default on loans

    If you use pawn stores, the mortgage you receive is against protection in your product. Consequently, it is really not required to make a credit score. also, with conventional loans, them back it affects your credit rating negatively, and in Denmark you will be registered in RKI if you don’t pay. Nonetheless, this can maybe perhaps not take place with pawn shops – you have already provided your item as security, so no further action is taken if you don’t pay back the loan.

    At PANTSAT.DK, into the instance in which you don’t repurchase your product, we’re going to make an effort to offer your item – possibly for an auction or product sales platforms like DBA, GuldogGratis or Facebook an such like.

    Let’s simply take a good example. Let’s state you have you’ve got turned within an item and gotten 10.000 kr. in re payment. In case in which you don’t back buy it, we’re going to attempt to offer it. Let’s say we have been just in a position to offer it for 8.000 kr. If that’s the case, this will be our loss, you still don’t owe PANTSAT.DK hardly any money. Since we being a pawn shop need to protect such possible losings ourselves, can also be the reason why that individuals are extremely conservative inside our valuation of products.

    Valuation of products at Pawn stores

    To make use of a pawn store you must have a product of value, and this can be directed at them as security. The payout you get is founded on the valuation associated with the product. At PANTSAT.DK you could get as much as 50per cent regarding the items value given out, except for some things that are often offered, like silver, it could be as much as 75per cent.

    Consequently, the valuation is needless to say and part that is important of pawning. Listed here can be utilized as basic instructions for just just how and what PANTSAT.DK values things into the various groups:

  • Watches: We have a look at just what comparable watches are offered for on chrono24 and web sites like DBA. We simply take such things as initial documents and field into consideration, basically the view condition.
  • Cars and Motorcycles: Using The permit plate, we could access previous assessment reports, and exactly what similar vehicles or motorcycles are offered for at web web sites like and
  • Electronics: Electronic devices often fall in value in the long run, but having said that electronic devices is very simple to offer since the marketplace is really big. Vi frequently have a look at web web sites like DBA and e-bay
  • Music Instruments: Music instruments usually hold their value really more than time. The prices are checked by us for comparable things on web web sites like DBA and e-bay.
  • Designer bags: Bags hold their value more than some time is a appealing accessory for men and women. The prices are checked by us for comparable things on web sites like DBA and e-bay.
  • Gold: Gold is very easy to value – plus the value of silver is rather stable in the global globe market and it is simple to resell. Silver includes a value of approximately 80 kr. per gram for 8 carat or more to 260 kr. per gram for 24 carat gold that is fine.
  • Bikes / Bicycles: Denmark possesses huge marketplace for bikes. We check exactly what bikes that are similar sold for on sites like DBA and GuldogGratis
  • Design furniture and lamps: Designer furniture and lights frequently keep their value well over time. We check charges for comparable products on web sites like DBA and additionally glance at realized auction rates on
  • Art: Art can be extremely volatile and is hard to value. We consider realized auction charges for similar art on and Bruun Rasmussen, and additionally glance at the musician all together. If it’s an original little bit of art, we often have somebody within our community to have a closer think of it and also make a valuation.
  • Jewelry: often, most of the precious jewelry value is lost when it’s resold, unless its from the design that is famous like Georg Jensen, Tiffany & Co. or even the love. Vi you will need to glance at exactly what comparable jewelry is offered for on line, but as a final resort we consider the worth of the silver and rocks into the precious jewelry piece. E.g. silver has a value of approximately 80 kr. per gram for 8 carat or more to 260 kr. per gram for 24 carat gold that is fine.
  • These groups are only a guidance that is general there could easily be goods that are unique and don’t autumn in almost any of those groups – like ships, clothing, displaying gear and so forth. Likewise, for companies they are able to have components of value that can easily be strongly related pawn.

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