Copa Kiddush con diseñor de Jerusalem. Estaño 9cm



This pewter Kiddush cup and plate will be an attractive addition to your Shabbat table. The engraved pictures of the Old City of Jerusalem, Citadel of David and walls surrounding the city are a reminder of how, throughout the centuries, Jews have yearned to be granted to see the return of our Nation to the Land of Israel.
Although Kiddush can be recited over a regular glass, it is customary to use a special decorative cup. This honors the Shabbat expressing the special holiness of the day. It also highlights the importance of the Kiddush recitation at the start of the meal. A pretty Kiddush cup like this one adds a special touch of delight.
The cup is easily cleaned. Wash and wipe. It will serve you many years and will never rust or fade.


Copa Kiddush de estaño de 9cm de alto. Relieve de la Ciudad de Jerusalem en la copa y en el plato (incluido).


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